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The notion of time sharing and comprehensive parenting plans have replaced what individuals used to think of as custody and visitation. The court now seeks to fashion — without labels — how time is shared between parents and children, and what each parent’s prospective responsibilities are. It is wise to work with a skilled time sharing lawyer through your divorce proceeding to ensure your questions are answered promptly.The Fort Lauderdale time sharing attorneys at Neave Family Law Group have guided numerous clients through the process of divorce. We understand the serious impact that each decision can potentially have, and we will make every attempt to blend your needs with your child’s best interests.

Fort Lauderdale Parenting Time Attorney

Time-sharing can take many forms based on what is right for the children, and what each parent is willing to agree to. Whether this ultimately becomes shared parental roles or sole decision-making responsibilities, we will work to develop a compromise between the two parties regarding parenting time.

Parenting plans will typically include clarification on several issues, including:

  • Time sharing
  • Holidays
  • Decisions regarding education and medical care

If the court deems that one parent is a danger to a child — due to alcohol problems, drug problems, criminal record or history of domestic violence — we can develop a supervised, safety-focused parenting plan with restricted time sharing, supervised time-sharing or no time sharing. Florida’s current statute does not presume a 50-50 split in parenting time. We will work to find the split that makes the most sense for all parties.

Schedule a free consultation at our firm to address questions, such as:

  • Can I get equal time sharing?
  • Can I stop my spouse from getting equal time sharing?
  • Are paternity cases treated differently?
  • Can I prevent my spouse from getting parenting time?
  • What are the rules and criteria surrounding relocation?

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